Candidly Speaking: Your Sh*t Ain't A-1

Sometimes your shit is popping and other times its not. If you remain humble during all periods, understanding and enduring the ups and downs make you stronger and more empathetic to your friends, family and strangers. But if you’re walking around like your shit don’t stink, someone will quickly remind you that YOUR SHIT AIN’T ALWAYS BEEN A-1. 

Thank You, Next...

We’ve all been in situations that have taught us love, patience and/or pain and in the end, we grew to value and love ourselves more and appreciate the good in the experience. Whether the situation is a platonic relationship, friendship, life transition, or “failure” in business. With that in mind, I’ve taken a moment to reflect on some personal experiences based on the lyrics in the song.

Without Permission: Focused on ME

I’ve always wanted to make sure other people liked me or thought I was pretty or thought my outfit was cute. I have been “people pleasing” when I should have just been trying to please myself. But this is also apart of a bigger obstacle I struggle with, being alone. I never focused on myself because of a fear that if I did, I’d be alone, I’d have no friends, and that is what I didn’t want.

Without Permission...

Nobody in my family knows any of these things I’ve gone through because I chose not to tell because I chose not to be alone. I chose other people over myself growing up in multiple aspects. I chose to protect other people over protecting myself. Although I chose those things I still ended up being the one thing I thought I’d never be, ALONE.

Emotional Sobriety

This morning I was going about my usual routine; getting the kids up and off to school and settling my mind to prepare for my work day.  Though the schedule I’m on makes it challenging to balance my work/home life, I appreciate the quite time I have alone between 8 and 11 a.m. when I start work.  I find that this time I get to catch up on some sleep, read, listen to my favorite preachers on YouTube and just sit and listen.  It’s vital to have that time to commune with the Lord.   I’m learning that He is always reaching out to us, we just have become so distracted that we cease to still ourselves to pay attention.

I Ain’t Mad at John Gray...

This time, John Gray is under fire. He recently made an appearance on “Sister Circle” and shared HIS appreciation for his wife. Doing so, he used terms such as: “birthed (raised) me”, “covered me”. Now, while I wasn’t offended by anything he said, a lot of women – majority single, like myself – were highly upset at the narrative they say he is painting.

#HerStory | Aborting the Mission

how many people have you allowed to miss their calling because you chose to ignore that feeling that you have? That feeling that you have is your purpose and mission that God has called you to complete. And what is crazy, not really, is that your purpose is connected to someone else’s purpose! Do you hear what I just said?! When you have a purpose and calling on your life, you are also important to others in their purpose and calling in their life!!!!!!

Ladies, Tell Me you Can Feel Me...

There are more women than men and even if you are okay with polygamy- I personally am not but do you baby do you- everyone can't be the first wife or even the main wife, and please don't get me started on the glamorized mistresses and accepted side chicks. And for those of us who aren't down with experimenting, if you get my drift....well, honey you do the math.

We Will Win

Lately I've been trying to figure out how I'm supposed to stay encouraged with everything that is happening. I've been having more bad days than good days with Fabio while trying to get adjusted to being back to work and this crazy weather. The cold and rain is not friends with Fabio at all. On top of Fabio, life is still happening and it's been kinda heavy... I'm trying to be strong and let God continue to make something out of nothing.

In times Like These...

I’m deciding to live in the moment.  Not yesterday or yesteryear’s moment, not even tomorrow’s moment.  The whole concept of ‘being anxious for nothing’ means I don’t focus my mind or squander my peace on what negative possibility tomorrow could hold.

Open Letter to my Unborn Child

Sometimes God has a way of making things better even when it doesn’t make sense. God saved you. He knew that the world wasn’t the place for you right now. Daddy was not ready for you pumpkin and mama is so sorry for being so selfish in the beginning and choosing to entertain negativity rather than your wellbeing. So quickly you came and so quickly you left.


I tried everything. Building a team. Reciting daily affirmations. Changing my workspace. New Business Strategy. Finding my Niche. Consulted with a Coach. And still, I sucked as a business owner and my business was stagnant. Money was coming in but that wasn’t enough for me. So, I did what I neglected to do for a minute – go to the source, the CEO of the business, God.


Friends first…Lovers second, they say. We were friends. There was trust. There was love. Strut in HER Shoes… We were friends for about three years prior to entering into our relationship. So, I thought I knew him. I never thought that someone I trusted… I loved… could turn into a man I never met. The abuse was gradual and, in the beginning, seemed so minor that I ignored it. I would make excuses for the behavior.


Prior to the relationship that left me heartbroken, I always had the mentality that if I lost a parent then I could never be hurt (silly I know). I also didn’t really have high expectations for men. I had been disappointed by men in the past but it wasn’t really a huge deal. It became a huge deal when I finally decided to take someone seriously and give them my all. So when it ended, I was completely broken because I felt like I had given it all I had and was left with nothing

First Day Out

I was about a year out of my divorce, and I remember telling a friend while preparing that I needed a name. Something to go by. Jo Thurmond just didn’t fit where I felt I was headed in life. In fact, it reflects my past in more ways than one. So this wasn’t an “I need a name” in a “make me famous” kind of way but rather an “I am not what I’ve been through” kind. She told me to pray, after all, God was the first one to call me Jo, surely He’d instruct on what’s next... best advice ever! It was this day that I heard the audible voice of God.