I Don't LIKE Her!

...Leaving the relationship didn’t heal the self-hatred and I realized that when it resurfaced in my next relationship. One night I found myself going through my next boyfriends phone and unfollowing someone beautiful on his facebook and when he asked why I replied with, "I just don’t like her."

Oh, Anxiety!

Anxiety for me came out of nowhere and hit me like a ton of bricks. It just started with a jitteriness and loss of appetite, constantly sweaty palms and an elevated heart rate I could feel. I started throwing up in the morning at the thought of going to work.... 

POWER OF ME| It’s Okay to be “Too Much”

I wanted to be accepted by the accepted. So I boldy asked Keisha a question. She told me to "shut the f*$% up, my man is trying to sleep." Man did that make me mad! What made it worse was Victoria coming behind her and teasing me saying, "haha don't nobody want you or want to talk to you hahaha." It carried on the whole bus ride. It was the longest ride ever.... 


If you watched season three of Fox TV’s reality cooking show “MasterChef,” you remember the big smile that lit up Christine Ha’s face every time she impressed the judges with her bold flavors—and especially when her three-course meal of Vietnamese comfort food won Ha the “MasterChef” title.


I’m one of those fortunate kids who comes from a house with two parents who were madly in love. Dad traveled for work when I was growing up, so he wasn’t around a lot during the week.