Just that quickly... it happened.

I almost gave up. I gave away my power. I lost control of my mind.

Last night, I was down. I stopped looking forward to 2017. I felt like I was in a prison and couldn't see the palace. I had already declared 2017 being the year of "confinement" for me.

Everyday, at this moment, I wake up daily pursuing purpose, doing what I love and I do it with a smile. Because of last night's thoughts, I went to bed irritated and woke up feeling "Eh".

I applied for multiple jobs...

See, my thought process was... my companies will still be here.  I can put them on standby... Go back into the workforce and EXPEDITE the process so I can get out of this situation. So I can get out of this prison.

Well... when I woke up, I went to look up more jobs. Ignoring emails. Ignoring my task list. Just focused on "getting on this situation". Totally distracted.

Then... I looked up the meaning of "17" because if this is how 2016 is ending for me... that's not a good sign for 2017. I learned "17" biblically symbolizes "overcoming the enemy" and "complete victory". I immediately texted my friend. As we're texting back and forth about what this really means... she can sense my mood isn't normal.

She sent me this:

... Spiritual Warfare is REAL. But remember you have angels literally ready to act at your command. So speak against the devil and his schemes and plans to knock you down. I've been forgetting lately the devil doesn't back off, and that we have to always have our guard up. We don't naturally feel optimistic or hopeful, especially when the enemy is actively trying to break us, but we have to remember that our joy comes from the Lord and that HE is our STRENGTH. You're out here changing lives and helping people birth businesses that will then go on to change lives of people that you'll probably never meet...

That alone spoke volumes to me, because I can't believe how quickly I was ready to give up. I can't believe how quickly I forgot the assignment on my life and how I'm suppose to fight against it. I can't believe I was so ready to throw purpose aside.

But then... I cut on Sarah Jakes Roberts, From Prison to the Palace, and she brought it all home for me. She opened up her sermon with:

"There is a shift coming... not because we're moving into 2017 but because you are moving into a new version of yourself... he's going to introduce you to the reason you had to go through the prisons and the breakdowns you had to go through."

I began to reflect on every seed I planted and every confession I confessed in 2016... that I am believing to manifest in 2017... and giving up is not an option. Applying for jobs, for me, symbolized me rushing the process. I would have to let go of opportunities that have been presented to me. So, you see, it's not about me "being my own boss" as much as it's about me staying aligned with the instruction I was given November 2014. 

The devil is never going to go easy on me... or you. When you're living in purpose and you encourage others to pursue purpose he's coming for you. He knows he can't get to you... therefore, he goes after your mind, your thoughts.

Going into 2017.... SNAP OUT OF IT.

Those thoughts that are trying to slow you down, those situations that are trying to get you to "push purpose aside".... Speak against them.

Speak and Strut like the daughter of the King you are. You are more than equipped to handle any rough situation that comes your way. Don't be like me, and feed into the situation... but feed your spirit man by listening/watching a sermon and praying.