#MoxieMondayMotivation: Speak Truth

#MoxieMondayMotivation: Speak Truth

Happy Monday!

This weekend emotionally tried, motivated, and compelled me to share a part of my sacred processing - an excerpt from my journal. As hard as it is to post something this, I am learning not bottle up every single problem by realizing the realities of my circumstances and using my voice to speak my truth; this excerpt shows the areas where growth is still taking effect in my life and how far I've come along.

This is a pep, hype talk to encourage you and I that life isn't defeating you at every turn. Even if we may think so, do what's needed to learn what's going on and IMPROVE! That's the hardest part, but beneficial in the end.  

Take what you need, and let it work within to create exactly who you are supposed to be in your journey!

"what’s for you will not pass you.
and if it does, it was NEVER meant for you or only for a period of time.
rest in knowing the past is the past; accept and grow within.
don’t play the victim;
none was your fault, just happened to be an unfortunate situation.

be stronger - train your thoughts, cast or figure out your thoughts,
and literally, push t h r o u g h.
Take breaks, when needed; feel what you need!
(more) growth is coming but doesn’t happen overnight.

know this is all needed for your next level relationship(s) + journey.
there will be a lot required of you, like...
your WHOLENESS - it's is a requirement, which is also non-negotiable!
you will be the greatest asset to the next phase,
and it will be everything you dreamed of.
cease thoughts about the past what if’s, would’ve’s, could’ve’s, and should’ve’s!
let go. all ties are cut.
let God. be at peace.
you deserve it. 

therefore, you have to STOP PLAYING yourself SHORT.
be real and have REAL CONVERSATIONS, like this, WITH YOURSELF.
remember that your PATIENCE is a virtue!
(this is what you’ve been waiting, praying, and learning to get to.)
be open. be transparent. live + speak your truth."

Now, confirm with these affirmations:

  • I own my thoughts and actions to improve my life daily. - Tweet this!
  • I am powerful beyond measure, and I own my power! - Tweet this!

Let this set your mood for the week; I'm rooting for you!



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