STRAIGHT FROM FB: How Quickly Things Change in a Year

STRAIGHT FROM FB: How Quickly Things Change in a Year

It's crazy how quickly things change in a year. Even a day. 2016 my word for the year was Faith and I had 4 major goals:

1. Move from Chicago to Atlanta

2. Obtain a new Senior position in corporate in Atlanta

3. Purchase a home

4. To not walk into 2017 working for somebody else

March 14, 2016, I put an offer on a townhouse in Atlanta. I didn't even have a job lined up, but I had faith. March 15, 2016, I suddenly lost my job. I had about a week or so to inform my leasing office in Chicago if I would be renewing my lease or not. At this point, I had no idea where my life was headed so I extended my lease for a month and paid an extra $300 for month to month.

I had a conversation with God to confirm if I should still move to Atlanta and for him to speak to me in a way that I would clearly know it was from him. All he said was faith. He also reminded me that I had been declaring to not walk into 2017 working for somebody else. I just didn't plan on it happening so soon. I called the leasing office and put my notice in to move out. April 2, 2016, I had $10K in my savings account and money coming in from my business. I said cool, I can make it as a full-time entrepreneur.

I moved to Atlanta May 28, 2016 off of faith. December 2016 that $10K was GONE! The money I made in my business I reinvested back into my business. I accumulated $20K in credit card debt. My lights, phone, cable, and internet have been cut off. I had been days away from getting an eviction notice on my door, but I still had faith because God gave me the ok to move. He just didn't tell me the trials that lied ahead.

March 2017, almost the exact day to me losing my job, God sent me a blessing almost 4x the amount of debt I accumulated. Life has been kinda lit ever since lol

When you pray be very specific in your prayers. When you pray, have faith that God will answer them. When you pray, ask God to give you the strength to endure the journey it'll take to receive your blessings. Whatever you do, always consult with God to make sure it's in his will. When things don't necessarily go as you planned, don't give up. Be patient. Trust God. Remember that His plans are far better than your plans. And despite what the valley looks like, know that your season is for a greater purpose. Luke 22:42




I   am Uniquely Beautiful

I am Uniquely Beautiful

Trusting God's Process

Trusting God's Process