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Candidly Speaking: Your Sh*t Ain't A-1

Sometimes your shit is popping and other times its not. If you remain humble during all periods, understanding and enduring the ups and downs make you stronger and more empathetic to your friends, family and strangers. But if you’re walking around like your shit don’t stink, someone will quickly remind you that YOUR SHIT AIN’T ALWAYS BEEN A-1. 

Candidly Speaking: Why Don't You Love Me?

Let's stop supporting people and their bullshit and work towards building a better community because there is power in numbers but until our men support us women the way that we support them, we are going to stay in a never-ending cycle of broken homes, broken promises and disrespect. It's time to step up to strengthen our homes, our bonds, and our families. Then we will feel and know that love is there and never have to ask if you love us again. 

Who's Sitting Where?

So let’s talk about the seating options. We have the front row, the mezzanine, and the balcony. Who gets to sit where and why? Think about relationships that you’ve had in the past, romantically or your favorite homegirl and think about where these people fell in your life. Most times we give people access to the front row when they’ve only earned space to be in the balcony, or better yet; wait-listed. I’ve had some great friendships that have mutually come to an end but I’ve also had some that didn’t end so well.

GIRL, You Need to Lose That "Wait"!

Over the past year or so, I’ve had this unshakable feeling of “blah” and when I say blah I mean blah! I’ve tried so many things to get out of the funk. I’ve shopped, I’ve gone to some of the best concerts ever, I’ve laughed, hell, I’ve even cried. You know a good cry from time to time can be cleansing but nothing has worked....Summer recently ended so it couldn’t be seasonal depression so what is it???