Emotional Sobriety

This morning I was going about my usual routine; getting the kids up and off to school and settling my mind to prepare for my work day.  Though the schedule I’m on makes it challenging to balance my work/home life, I appreciate the quite time I have alone between 8 and 11 a.m. when I start work.  I find that this time I get to catch up on some sleep, read, listen to my favorite preachers on YouTube and just sit and listen.  It’s vital to have that time to commune with the Lord.   I’m learning that He is always reaching out to us, we just have become so distracted that we cease to still ourselves to pay attention.

In times Like These...

I’m deciding to live in the moment.  Not yesterday or yesteryear’s moment, not even tomorrow’s moment.  The whole concept of ‘being anxious for nothing’ means I don’t focus my mind or squander my peace on what negative possibility tomorrow could hold.