#HerStory | Aborting the Mission

how many people have you allowed to miss their calling because you chose to ignore that feeling that you have? That feeling that you have is your purpose and mission that God has called you to complete. And what is crazy, not really, is that your purpose is connected to someone else’s purpose! Do you hear what I just said?! When you have a purpose and calling on your life, you are also important to others in their purpose and calling in their life!!!!!!

Open Letter to my Unborn Child

Sometimes God has a way of making things better even when it doesn’t make sense. God saved you. He knew that the world wasn’t the place for you right now. Daddy was not ready for you pumpkin and mama is so sorry for being so selfish in the beginning and choosing to entertain negativity rather than your wellbeing. So quickly you came and so quickly you left.


Friends first…Lovers second, they say. We were friends. There was trust. There was love. Strut in HER Shoes… We were friends for about three years prior to entering into our relationship. So, I thought I knew him. I never thought that someone I trusted… I loved… could turn into a man I never met. The abuse was gradual and, in the beginning, seemed so minor that I ignored it. I would make excuses for the behavior.


Prior to the relationship that left me heartbroken, I always had the mentality that if I lost a parent then I could never be hurt (silly I know). I also didn’t really have high expectations for men. I had been disappointed by men in the past but it wasn’t really a huge deal. It became a huge deal when I finally decided to take someone seriously and give them my all. So when it ended, I was completely broken because I felt like I had given it all I had and was left with nothing

My 600LB Life

Sometimes we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and we wonder if we’re even strong enough to carry it all. We all experience this at some point in our lives. We take the worries and burdens of other people and lay them on ourselves; thinking we can solve every problem and change the world. And yeah, sure... in some way we can but let's be honest, we can't even defeat our own giants let alone the giants of the world. 

Where were the warning signs?

If someone would have told me that by the age of 20, I would be failing my courses, depressed for almost 2 years and losing myself because of meaningless situations with guys, I would have laughed! But that was me, pieces of where my story began and felt like it was ending all in one. 

Faith- walker

March 21st was the day I put on my shoes and tied the strings as tight as I possibly could. I became a faith-walker. It was my last day working in an office that I had been part of for about ten years. I had walked away from a director level position and interrupted the dream and story that others wanted to tell.

STRAIGHT FROM FB: How Quickly Things Change in a Year

March 2017, almost the exact day to me losing my job, God sent me a blessing almost 4x the amount of debt I accumulated. Life has been kinda lit ever since. When you pray be very specific in your prayers. When you pray, have faith that God will answer them. When you pray, ask God to give you the strength to endure the journey it'll take to receive your blessings.


To this day, I still have never had a Valentine, but I have not been so bothered by it anymore either. I have also not been on many dates, never been in a relationship, nor have I found the love of my life. Over the years I’ve grown considerably and one of the most important things I’ve learned is that a man cannot not complete you.

ICYMI: Death to the Monster

As we sit and watch the world around us, there is an ugly monster that has been rearing its head out of the shadows and that monster is discouragement. Yes, DISCOURAGEMENT! If the enemy can discourage you from reaching out for help when you feel that tightening in your chest from loneliness, or anxiety or fear…he’s got you! You see discouragement is the enemy’s most widely used tool in his tool box!!  So how do we put the enemy in his place? 

Renee's Truth: Shame . Fear . Digust

It wasn’t until I was married and then became pregnant that I decided to get sober and started counseling. I was 31 years old, and it had been 12 years since I was raped. In my first session, I ran to the window and tried to physically open it because I felt like all the oxygen had left the room. I truly could not breathe. I stayed with it, but the pain of uncovering these old wounds was mentally and emotionally traumatizing.

My Open Letter to Fibromyalgia

I also need to thank you for breaking me down,  physically, mentally and emotionally. I would not be the STRONG WARRIOR THAT I AM TODAY.  Most days I don't even know where I pull the strength from to even function when I need to but I do it. I have the strength to accept that not every day will be a great one but it's still a day and that was kind of hard when we first starting dating but as time went on and our relationship progressed I learned some of your pros and cons and how to handle them.

A Father's Absence

I often hear a girl’s first glimpse on how to be treated by a man should come from her father. Well, one might say if you did not grow up with your father, it is hard to know how to be treated. Since I did not meet my father until I was a teenager I dealt with identity issues. I did not realize right away that I had an issue, but shortly after moving away for college I found myself not being sure of who I was. I also found that I had an issue with rejection and feeling like I was not good enough.

Masking the Pain: Living with Fibromyalgia

I've experienced pain in my life before but never this extreme. Some days I wake up and I can’t even move  to get out of my bed. Other days I just stay in bed all day because my entire body hurts so badly and the only comfort is being balled up. Along with this comes many sleepless nights. Some weeks I don’t sleep for nights at a time because I can’t get comfortable and the touch of the sheets on my skin hurt. 

How God Healed a Daughter's Heart

I’ve dealt with loneliness, isolation, rejection and the idea that I wasn’t good enough. It was important that I took the time to determine where my feelings and emotions originated. I was able to connect it to my childhood without my father. This was a result of me not meeting my father until two months shy of my 16th birthday...