Thank You, Next...

We’ve all been in situations that have taught us love, patience and/or pain and in the end, we grew to value and love ourselves more and appreciate the good in the experience. Whether the situation is a platonic relationship, friendship, life transition, or “failure” in business. With that in mind, I’ve taken a moment to reflect on some personal experiences based on the lyrics in the song.

My 600LB Life

Sometimes we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders and we wonder if we’re even strong enough to carry it all. We all experience this at some point in our lives. We take the worries and burdens of other people and lay them on ourselves; thinking we can solve every problem and change the world. And yeah, sure... in some way we can but let's be honest, we can't even defeat our own giants let alone the giants of the world. 


While this article was all about man, the fact that everything can relate to God is a sign that we should trust him, God, over man and ourselves. As stated earlier, I am in a season where all I can do trust him and trust him with everything in my life


I was ashamed. I was ashamed of my past, ashamed of being a victim, being a part of the statistic of this epidemic that continues to plague our society. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I am not who I was years ago and it was taken me years to get here on this healing journey. Shame is gripping, shame is crippling. Shame robs you of real joy, that’s what it did for me it robbed me of truly living the life God intended for me. One of the things that survivors carry with them is a great deal of shame.


\If I was to be honest, even in my stubbornness I always knew it wasn't the right person nor the right time, I was just in denial. I was too young and didn't even know what being single was by God's design. Let my decision be your wisdom to listen within. It took divorce for me to become a WIFE.


Sometimes I can be my worse critic, pointing out my imperfections, keeping myself bound by the lessons of my past, re-living the hurtful thoughts of my memories, being unforgiving to myself for making the wrong decisions, to others who have hurt me, or simply just not meeting the expectations I have set for myself. It can seem impossible to face the reality of my own truths, staring my situations face to face, and tackling them one by one. The only person that hurts in my world of regret is me; I’ve got to take hold of my current state of thinking I’m losing control…..”


My skin had 2nd degree burns. There were a whole host of thoughts that went through my head but the number one was that I was ugly. I cancelled all appearances and did not leave the house for 2 weeks. I didn’t want anybody to see me “like this” what would they say…the haters gonna laugh, the associates are going to feel sorry for me, and the rest of the world would just see me as ugly. I didn’t want any of that and even though my man kept saying its ok and he didn’t fall in love with my face, I was like spshhhh yeah ok! Come on, I am known as the Model Mom and even though it means role-model...